Saturday, November 19, 2011

YOU are the 99%

There appears to be some misunderstanding about the Occupy Movement in London, mostly due to the lies the tabloids print (  They are not communists, they are not against business.

Let me tell you what they are against: The fact that FTSE 100 Directors have seen their total earnings rise by 49% over the last year whilst share prices has remained stagnant (;

the fact that HM Revenue and Customs allowed the investment bank Goldman Sachs to avoid paying £10 million in interest payments they owed (;

also allowing Vodafone to escape paying £6 billion that they owed in tax (;

the fact that banks are still paying billions in bonuses this year and the government is doing nothing to stop them (;

the fact the government is refusing to implement a financial transactions tax that would mean they would pay their fair share to clean up the mess they helped create (;

the fact that the Coalition government is reducing the deficit by making 1.5 million public sector workers unemployed and making a total of £113 billion in cuts by 2015, including cuts to social care services, unemployment benefits, the NHS, education, emergency services, pensions- that's right, services the country needs!! (;

the fact that the Coalition government recently printed £75 billion and handed it to the banks (who are still refusing to lend anything near the amount of money needed to help the economy grow) and wasn't given to the public negatively affected by the Coalition's cuts (;

the fact that tax evasion by wealthy individuals and greedy corporations costs the UK economy £15 billion a year (;

the fact that tuition fees are rising to £9000 a year, putting many potential brilliant (but working class) students off from going to university (

If you think this is all ok and we should just carry on as we are then I guess you are one of the 1%. If you feel any of this is unfair and you think that more should be done to stop our corrupt undemocratic economic system then welcome to the 99%. We are for the many, not just the few. (


  1. Excellent post and I totally agree about the press, they continue to print misleading Tory rhetoric and it is about time we stopped them doing so. The power is in our hands, all we have to do is stop buying their garbage newspapers.

    We are the 99%.

  2. Excellent :) Love it and agree! If there is a reason why these companies are being let off with this we should know it!

    We are the 99%