Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The sad truth about politics today

Let's face it, it's no longer Left vs Right, it's open minded people who make logical & rationale decisions to influence their politics vs people who  believe the tabloids or Facebook propaganda (e.g. illegulz getin benifits, gota luk afta r own) or who generally care more about the X Factor than the government. People who believe the solution to the housing crisis in the UK is cutting down on immigration, whilst ignoring the fact there are 930,000 empty homes in Britain.

Meanwhile the government are presenting 'positive', populist policies whilst being dictated to by the tax avoiding corporations & wealthy donors. Every scandal that emerges, whether it's to with politicians, police, tabloids or the BBC, only continues to reinforce the masses' views that 'politicians are all the same' & therefore even if they did vote, it wouldn't make a difference.

Then there are the people who do vote but choose the 'protest' vote of either BNP or UKIP. UKIP wave their Union Jack flag & spout ridiculous bigoted crap suggesting if we leave the EU & cut down on immigration, Britain wouldn't have to worry about the deficit & cutting employment & environmental regulation would sort out the unemployment problem. They neglect to mention their policy of a flat rate of tax of 31% for people on £11,500 or more right up until the highest paid person in Britain. How exactly they plan to still fund schools, the NHS, emergency services & our armed forces, well they don't have to mention that because the working class who vote for them don't think like that.

I honestly don't know what the answer is- I've tried telling people time & time again that the amount we give out to foreign aid is only 10% of the amount lost to tax evasion & tax avoidance each year. I've tried telling people that the Tories promised to match Labour's spending plans right up until 2008 & actually called for less regulation of the banks in 2006, so the deficit would be just as high had they won a majority in 2005.

Meanwhile the rest of us are still preaching to the converted because we haven't the foggiest how to get the message across to this gullible square eyed majority. Indeed this blog post will probably only be read by the progressives amongst us, people who agree with most of what I say, so it's really probably not having a positive effect at all.

Britain, like the US & Canada is sick. And I don't think there's a doctor who knows what the cure is.

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