Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hello all! The date is the 2nd February 2011 and this is my first blog post. I decided to create a blog after I realised I wanted to get my various political, economic, religious, social, and global views across the wider world. Facebook is full of people talking about Big Fat Greek Gyspy Weddings, or football (which I love, but sometimes there's more to life) or some shite from the Sun. I found Twitter a better medium for expressing and exchanging views but the tweets are just too small. Therefore I will carry on facebooking with my friends, keep on tweeting with links to this site if needed.

I intend to write about current events, but also about myself and my experiences. At the minute I am living with my Father on Vancouver Island, Canada, which is a beautiful place and I love it here. I love spending time with my Dad and his wife, and I am here until May so cannot wait for the next 4 months. I arrived hoping to get some voluntary work after I realised I was unlikely to get a work permit, and that will be happening soon so I will have lots to write about that as I will be doing various kinds of work for an environmental organisation. I am missing friends and family back in UK, but keep in touch with people via the interweb.

I graduated last year with a 2:1 in Business Management, and hope to go into management or teaching of some kind. I intend to do a masters in the next ten years, probably in business and also acquire a teaching qualification. I fully believe in education, and would recommend university to anyone! My other interests are football, (Manchester United, one reason for the red in my name), politics (I'm a leftie, but more on that later) and anything with Charlie Brooker in it!

My views on society are that we should care more. Care more about people in poverty in developing countries and care more about the environment. I am an Atheist, although I was brought up to go to sunday school, and I love the fact that the majority of charities and organisations helping people in Africa are Christian, although I think religion also causes conflict, and wars, I do not agree with faith school because I believe children should not be separated depending on their parents' religious beliefs. I myself do not need any religion to tell me what is right, or wrong. My morals are my own, and not of any God's.

Regarding politics, I don't believe it is possibly to label me as one or the other, although the closest is probably I'm a social democrat. I passionately believe in the third way philosophy of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Overall, I'm centre left with elements of socialism and liberalism in there mostly. I'm also a member of the Labour Party, and voted for David Miliband in the leadership election, although I believe Ed Miliband is doing a reasonable job in opposition. I am against the majority of the coalition's policies, although not all of them as I do try and have an objective opinion as much as I can.

That's all for you. Any questions, just ask

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