Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Liberal Agenda Claims Another Victim

Below is an article on my death written in the style of the Daily Mail's Melanie Phillips by the wonderful Natalie Dzerins on http://dailymaildeatharticles.blogspot.com/

This week saw the awful death of Jack Barker, an English Business Management graduate living in Canada, who was killed by a falling tree while he was volunteering for an environmental organisation.

His death is ultimately awful because it is yet another reminder of the price that our once-great nation's children are paying for New Labour's disgusting experimentation with exposing them to immoral and dangerous ways of life, while they were still young enough to be sucked in by their pernicious influence. Indeed, Jack himself was a card-carrying member of the Labour party, showing just how their policies had affected him deeply.

The simple facts are this: Labour spent their thirteen years in government recklessly and ruthlessly brainwashing our children into accepting their own twisted 'moralities' - a task that the current government seem hell-bent on steaming ahead with, despite all sane and rational people disagreeing with them. This is to their eternal shame.

This twin assault of liberal politics and eco-fascism was what led Jack Barker to Canada and ultimately, to his death.

Make no mistake, these evil and morally-vacuous policies of the left do much more than condemn the emotional wellbeing of our children, and lead to their godlessness and degeneracy (Jack was a declared 'atheist'). They also pave the way for the infliction of Sharia law upon us all. Our future generations, bound and gagged by the ties of 'multiculturalism' and 'tolerance' will be able to do nothing as the river of extremist Islam swells and bursts it's banks, bringing forth a tide of second-century rules that we will all be forced to live by.

It is for this reason that we must strengthen our dams by removing the foul 'equality' legislation being forced down our throats by the government and advocate a return to the biblical morals and ways of society, before we are all doomed.

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